Sunday, May 3, 2009

crazy day..

was rotting at home all day!till my grandma told me cousins and aunt were coming at 5+ they came at 5:56 to be exact!went swimming,there was me and my 4 young cousins! Gideon(Oldest),gordon(2nd oldest),Jenna(3rd),Gereath.(Youngest)
We had soo much fun!Gideon scolded Jenna S.O.B even though he's just 8years old-.- his father got mad and kept saying who teach you all this bad words and stuff,i couldn't stop laughing!HAHAH(: gordon kept asking me to throw him,he was supposed to step on my knee and then i'll throw him. BUT! he accidently stepped on the wrong spot,you know where(: Ouch but ok. I twisted my ankle and accidently cut my foot wthell-.-.We played till like 7 and then went home to shower and have dinner. Soo crazy,i just finished my dinner! kinda fast yeah?:DLove my little coussys omg they never fail to cheer me up(: But still,on my dad's birthday i promised him i would do well for my exams. I don't communicate much with my dad but i really love him alot,after i promised him he was very very happy he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. And after his b,day he's been talking to me more and we tend to communicate more than we used to last time it's really wonderful. But i know im gonna fail badly this year's MYE cause too much things to think about and worry,no mood to study!I So feel like crying right now,thinking about how i made my father so happy on his b,day then now im gonna do badly for my MYE i seriously feel so fucked up!I can't imagine how depressed my father will feel after i promised him i would do well.I got his hopes high i made him happy but soon to come he'll be depressed,yet another broken promise to my father.
Now that cousins went home im back to feeling depressed and fucked up,feel like crying!baby i wanna see you so badly i wanna hug you so tight:(

I don't regret being with you i love you more than anything in the world.

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