Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life Sucks Without You.

went to school as normal. played badminton during p.e. then had mother tongue i plugged my earpiece and listened to music and kept thinking about her the whole 2 periods. music was boring i slept in the aircon for 1 period..had a class test during maths couldn't concentrate so i didn't really do the paper. Recess then some things happened i cried during english lesson,shafiq told me not to stress so much or think so much..i wish i could. Was biting my lips during science it bled..like alot of blood,my p.e. shirt sleeve is stained with blood cause i cleaned my blood on it. During assembly received a message about some stuff and i cried halfway during assembly,can't she see how much i miss her?i would do anything to stop time when im with her,been 5days it's killing me. I Can't take it anymore ok?I'm missing you more everyday,loving you more everyday. But it's really difficult for me not being able to see you for so many days alright,so many things happened i really wanna hug you so badly.You say you miss me too,but do you miss me as much as i miss you?My whole life now is about you,nothing else.I'd do anything just to see you now!


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