Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today's a better day :D

Wake up shower blah bla bla,go bus stop.
Go in 175, sat behind with D.
HAHA,then one aunty sat infront of us.
Then she turned around and talk to us=.=here's the convo.

Aunty:Excuse me,im very tired and i want to sleep,can you wake me up when reach west coast park there?
Aunty: Thank you boy(: What's your name?
Val: Oh,timothy. Why?
Aunty: Nothing,your a very decent and helpful boy.
Val: Thanks(:
Aunty: how old are you?
Val: 15
Aunty: oh,my daughter only 16.
Val: Oh,ok.
Aunty: want to make friends with her?
D: (trying to hold her laughter)
Val: Ehh,no thanks.
Aunty: Ok,remember to wake me up. Thank you.
Val: Sure.
D-Val: LOL,her daughter must have no boyf then she trying to find a guy for her.HAHA.
Val-D: Shhhh,don't talk so loud,people wanna sleep right. Wait she hear you how?
D-Val: you shy already just say(:
Val-D: Shut up,i wanna sleep!
D-Val: Need me wake you up?
Val-D: NOOO,goodnight! *pluck's earpiece in*


Anyway,school was ok?first time i could actually concentrate on maths during maths lesson!Whoootszxz.
Elective module do sports!HAHA,play floorball then we got bored,then we took some balls and started to play soccer!:D 3N2 got to play soccer at indoor sports hall D: Mr Fan say maybe next week our turn?then they play floorball,we play soccer. Hope so bah!dont want play stupid floorball:(
Don't know what to update le!maybe update more tmr:P or maybe not?

Sayonara~ :D

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