Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby,i miss you so much!!:(

Blaah,woke up at 4+ this morning had a weird dream and couldn't get back to sleep. I Dreamt that i couldn't think of anything to get for baby on our 1st month ann,so i climbed down my bed and started making some stuff for her. Unfortunately i lost it?i was very sad! but nevermind,dad went out and came back with sushi!Yumm(:I Ate like alot of sushi and didn't really eat lunch,went to meet cher at J.E. finally im earlier than her for once?!:D we went to POPULAR to buy some stuff. then sh came after we bought something. Went to J.E. library,there was some stupid scanning thing at the entrance so many people queing up-.-. We got in then went to the 4th floor?i think,then we walked 1 circle then saw wynn,lynn and some their friends come up the escalator then we walked the opposite direction of them.Hahah(: then went to the lift then they came along too,wynn didn't even say hi omg-.-. We walked to IMM then went to mac's i was hungry then i bought double cheeseburger meal ate finish the whole meal i was sooo full!we sat there sh and cher took out their books and study while i listened to mp3 and was making present for baby's first month ann. Cher and sh got bored studying so they helped me with it. A young boy who sat beside me stood up on the chair and guess what?HE FELL,HAHAH i wanted to laugh so badly i know it's evil but ok(: baby called at 4+,5+ sometimes i really wish she didn't call me even though we didn't quarrel or anything. Cause each time she calls when i can't see her for a few days after i hear her voice i'll feel very depressed and sad i really want to see her very badly but can't.It's not her fault. Walked around IMM at around 530+ as we got bored sitting at mac-.-. We went in MiniToons cher and sh wanted to buy gummys. Blabla,we walked around a little longer quenten called and told me he can't make it for movies tmr,even more depressed. We bussed to Clementi Central went arcade awhile not even 10mins..follow sh buy her dinner then we went home. Walked to Clementi Bus Interchange to take 175 home,during the 45 minutes journey home in the bus all i could think of was nothing except Vivian'Dar. I really miss you alottttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will blog again tomorrow.
I Love you forever and always Dar!<33.

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